Moving Tips

Getting Ready to Move

Reserve a Moving Truck
– Call 2-4 Weeks in Advance for Best Prices
– Ask About Rates-Daily and Mileage
– Get Confirmation Number
– Get Dealer Phone Number
– Local Phone Service
– Long Distance Provider
– Gas and Electric
– Cable/Satellite
– Bank Accounts
– Newspapers
Change Your Address
– Send Official Form to Post Office
– Advise Old/New Schools
– Notify Credit Card Companies
– Change Subscriptions
– Update Your Drivers License
– Register to Vote
Prepare For Your New Place
– Measure Doorways, Stairwells to make sure you can get furniture through
– Measure windows for curtains, floor space for furniture
– Look into Renters Insurance

Pack Like A Pro

Get Packing Materials
– Boxes
– Bubble Wrap
– Packing Tape
– Furniture Pads
Pack a Special Box
– Jewelry and other Valuables
– Birth Certificates, Medical and Dental Records
– Legal and Financial Documents
– Pen and Paper
– Light Bulbs and a Phone
– Paper Towels and Trash Bags
– Scissors, Tools, Flashlight
– Prescription Drugs
– Aspirin and Toilet Paper!
Pack Early
– Start with Off-Season Things and Rarely Used Items
– Label Two Sides of Every Box with Room Name
– Line Cartons with Packing Material
– Wrap each Piece Separately
– Cushion boxes containing glasses and cups
– Leave Clothing in Drawers or Pack in Suitcases
– Pack Hanging Clothes in Wardrobe Boxes
– Take Apart BEDS and Tape Hardware to Frame
– Protect Mattresses with Fitted Sheets or Plastic
– Remove TABLE Legs, Pad, and Tie Together Table Hardware under Table Top
– Wrap PAINTINGS and MIRRORS in blankets or rugs
Pack Your Truck
– 1/4 At A Time
– Large First
– Heaviest at Bottom

Getting Connected

Discontinue Current Phone Service
– Have Your Old Line “Turned OFF” Day After Moving
– Have Calls Forwarded to Your New Number
Set Up New Phone Service
– Get New Local Number
– Extra Line for Internet or Fax?
– Extra Phone Services:
– Caller ID
– Call Waiting
– Call Forwarding
– Voice Mail
– Additional Line
– High Speed Line (DSL/ISDN)
Compare Long Distance Rates
– Look for a Plan with Rates that Match Your Calling Time Schedule
Sign Up For Long Distance
– Long Distance Companies will Notify the Local Service Providers
– Have Your Local Service FIRST!
Check Your New Community
– Electric Service
– Gas Service
– Water Service
– Cable/Satellite
– Internet Access

Protecting Your Stuff

Know Your Risk
– Know Insurance Coverage
Your Things Add Up
– Take Time to Stock the Value of Your Belongings
– Furniture, Clothing, Electronics, Etc.
Check Out Renters Insurance
– Typically Costs Less than $20 a Month
– Reimburses You for Covered Losses, Home and Away
– Covers Additional Living Expenses (if forced to live elsewhere)
– Protects You From Personal Liability if Someone is Injured Accidentally in Your Apartment
Review Your Financial Protection Review Banking Services
– Checking Account
– Overdraft Protection
– ATM or Debit Card
– Online Banking
– Safe Deposit Box
– Savings Account
– Money Market Account
– IRA Account
Order New Checks